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The Symphony (New Years Day)

We are always aware that we are a VERY SMALL PART of what God is doing through His Church here in Maury County!

While it is true that we at MUMs are CALLED BY GOD to do what we do, there are HUNDREDS of OTHERS who are also called to do other things. . . .


There are all the CONGREGATIONS who minister to one another and who also minister to those outside their walls!

There are the NON-PROFIT CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES who go out into the community to minister to specific needs of the needy and the struggling and the suffering!

Then, there are all the INDIVIDUALS who have heard a specific call from God to help in one of those congregations, or in one of those ministries, or to help some individual or family!


What I'm trying to say, Brothers and Sisters, is that we are ALL an indispensable part of God's plan for our community!

He is the Great Composer and the Great Conductor and He is Orchestrating an awesome Symphony in our midst!!

In the composition of this Symphony, He is asking each of us to pick up and play whichever instrument He has individually given us.

He is also asking that we no longer let our differences keep us from playing our music together!

While a trumpet looks and sounds very different from a drum or a piano, to our fellow Brothers and Sisters, we can no longer say, "You are a trumpet and I am not."

Instead, we must say, "You make a somewhat different sound from me - Let's ask God to teach us how our sounds can blend together in harmony."

As we lay our differences aside and blend our time and our talents and our resources and reach out into our community TOGETHER, we then find ourselves playing the varied notes of the higher melodies that God is composing and orchestrating all around us!

Only as we serve TOGETHER are we transformed into that beautiful, and meaningful, and purposeful piece of music which is most pleasing to His ears!


Let us make not mistake about it, making and maintaining harmony is not an easy task . . . . . . So, as we finish up this year and enter into another, let us resolve to pray more than ever FOR one another!

Let our prayers become and OPEN INVITATION from our hearts to all our fellow Kingdom Citizens!

Let us intentionally and with forethought PRAY that all our Brothers and Sisters would enjoy special guidance and great success, and that God would be glorified as we display to our neighborhoods that we are:


Let us BLESS ALL the congregations and ALL the organizations and ALL the individuals who claim the Name of Jesus and who work along with us in His field!

Then, TOGETHER we can help the world HEAR HIS MUSIC! . . . and, perhaps, this will be a year like we HAVE NEVER SEEN before! MAY IT BE SO!!


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