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MUMs Garage


Thanks to the generosity of many donors,
we have currently given
42 vehicles to deserving, hard working, local citizens!

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Our Mission:

We receive and repair donated vehicles which we then pass along to individuals who are genuinely trying to do better, but who cannot yet afford the purchase of a vehicle.

For MauryUNITED Ministries (MUMs), this was the next logical step in our over-all mission to help provide transportation to those in need here in Maury County.

"Keys to a Better Future"

Interested in Donating a Vehicle?

Call 931-626-6867 and ask for Randy! He will be happy to answer any of your questions or walk you through the easy process of donating a car, truck, or van!!

As a certified transportation-chartered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, MUMs is approved to provide any donor with tax-deductible documentation!

Vehicles do NOT have to be in good shape. We have mechanics who can do safety checks and repair work before passing them along to their new owners!

We can even accept vehicles that are not running AT ALL! We will pick them up - sell them for scrap - and apply the sale price to a fund from which we repair other vehicles!

It's a Win/Win for everyone!

In most cases, you can claim more as a tax deduction than you could receive by selling or trading your old vehicle! AND a neighbor who really needs it will have the ability to make their life better now that they have dependable transportation!! You are literally giving someone KEYS to a BETTER FUTURE!

Who gets your old vehicle?

MUMs has compiled a waiting list of well -deserving  local residents who will be the recipients of these vehicles!

FYI NOTE:   Occasionally, as needed, MUMs will sell a vehicle. This is done to provide funds for repairs of other vehicles.

MUMs also maintains an account from which we provide, with each vehicle:

1. three months liability insurance

2. car tags

3. vehicle registration

4. full tank of gas!

Vehicles donated in Maury County, STAY in Maury County!!

Handing Over the Keys!

Click the post below to read all the incredible stories of transformation that have unfolded through the years. We are so honored and grateful to be a part of each and every one!

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