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Mums Garage Stories of Transformation

We receive donated vehicles from local citizens, safety check and repair them, then turn them over to passengers or to folks referred to us by churches and social service agencies. We also provide three months liability insurance, tags, and registration, and a full tank of gas! Giving our friends keys to a better future!

Enjoy reading some of the stories of transformation we've had the honor to be a part of!

It had been seven years since Janet had a car, but for the last couple of years she'd been making wise and Godly choices, and now she's ready to roll again! The first thing she did when we delivered this donated Honda to her was to give a ride to a friend to work!!! (You gotta love the irony of that!) God bless you, Janet!!

Mitchell used his "new" 2002 Grand Am to get to Spring Hill to work and back!! A 1000 thanks to the local family who passed this car along to Mitchell and his family!!

That's the Way it Works! Cars donated in Maury County stay in Maury County!! Elizabeth used this Corolla to get her to a new job, and to pick up her children from Day Care!!

We provided transport for Lara until she was able to get her license reinstated, then, because of the generosity of a local family, we were able to pass this donated van along to her. She immediately used it to add to her income by taking on an extra job!!

When Lisa's transmission went out, she couldn't afford to have it fixed, and it had other problems, too! So, she was stuck! She and her two children depend heavily on her job, so we arranged for MUMs volunteers to take her to work for a number of months! When a local couple donated this 2002 Lexus, we knew it was supposed to go to Lisa!! This gift from fellow Maury Countians opens up worlds of new possibilities for this working Mom!! Many thanks to all who helped us help Lisa and her kids!!!!


A local couple gave this wheelchair accessible van to us in hopes that we could pass it along to someone for whom it would make a difference in their life . . . . . well, as of today, Michael's wife (who has Multiple Sclerosis) will have this AWESOME TOOL to get her to doctor's appointments and other places, making a HUGE DIFFERENCE in their lives!! Michael is thanking God and thanking the most generous couple who passed it along to MUMs. It was our privilege to pass it along to Michael and Tamara!! Our hearts are soaring that God allowed us to finish out 2015 in this way! Thank you, Lord!!!

SHARP MERCURY MARQUIS GOES TO HARD WORKING YOUNG MAN For months, William has been working anywhere within walking distance!

Now, his horizons have exponentially expanded! Endless possibilities have opened up to him with the gift of this car - consistent, dependable transport was the next step in his personal battle with poverty!! It was all made possible by a local couple who cared enough to give something old so that William could have something new!!!

Corey & Tomeka won our drawing at the 2016 MUMs Ham Breakfast, so we delivered this Pontiac Minivan to them the next week. They were recommended to us as hard-working, responsible citizens by our local Boys & Girls club, where Tomeka works. Now they can both get to work and get their children where they need to go!!

Christine received this vehicle that had been given to us by a local citizen! A thousand thanks to all the Maury Countians who have donated their old cars, trucks, and vans so that someone else could have a new car, truck, or van!!!! Many are getting where they need to go because of YOU!!

Michalene was beside herself with excitement when we told her this car was hers!! She was working at a local deli and they wanted her to do more hours, but she COULDN'T because she didn't have flexible enough transport!! Now she does!! She has her own car!! She can do more hours and earn more money!! She's fighting hard to overcome personal poverty and four wheels are an indispensable tool in that fight!! A THOUSAND "THANK YOU"'s to the brother in Christ who gave us this car so that we could give it to her!!!!

Stephanie can now take that next step!! She has been working hard, and she was on the top of our list when this car came to us!! This is the "mule/ox", with which she can now plant larger fields and reap bigger harvests (Prov.14:4)!!!!!! (Donated by a local sister/saint who was recently widowed and needed one less vehicle)

This Sebring went to Brenda when she needed it to get and keep a better job!!

Elisa is overcome with gratitude and thankfulness for this car, donated to her by a local family!!

This van helped Demeca and her husband get extra work. She also used it to take kids to church during the week. (donated by a local family!)

This one went to Cocoa, when she needed a way back and forth to her new job in Lewisburg.

Diane gave this Jeep to the MUMs Garage in memory of her deceased husband, who had used it to drive to work and back. We were privileged to give it to Virginia, who will also use it for that purpose!! Thanks to Diane, and congratulations to Virginia!!


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