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12 Days of Christmas - Introduction

For a number of years, at Christmas time, we published the "12 Days of Christmas" in booklet form and distributed them to many church congregations in Maury County!

We are happy to present "The Best of 12 Days."

As always our purpose is to introduce you to some of the folks in our community who find themselves in need, and some folks who are trying to help. Out of respect for their situations we do not mention their real names, unless they have given us permission to do so. But, be assured, these are REAL PEOPLE - they are LOCAL PEOPLE - and, their stories ARE TRUE.

We hope that their stories will be a blessing to you, and we hope that reading them will encourage you to pray for these local friends and for their needs. Your prayers for them will make a difference in their Holiday Season and all through the years to come! Blessings to you!

On the 1st Day of Christmas - Where's Mom?

On the 2nd Day of Christmas - Bottom of the List

On the 3rd Day of Christmas - Sane Again - Part 1

On the 4th Day of Christmas - Sane Again - Part 2

On the 5th Day of Christmas - Eyes for Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas - Even God Was Little

Christmas Day - Maury's Ministries

On the 8th Day of Christmas - A God Moment

On the 9th Day of Christmas - No Cripples

On the 10th Day of Christmas - Crystal Clear

On the 11th Day of Christmas - "It"

On the 12th Day of Christmas - Man of the Year

New Year's Day - The Symphony

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