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Sane Again - Part I (On the 3rd Day of Christmas)

I heard some people talking!

They said, "She is back in her right mind!"

They said, "You wouldn't recognize her!"

They said, "She is even working!"

They said "It is amazing!"

As they were voicing their amazement, I was remembering . . . .

back last year . . . . . . .

When we at MUMs first met her, she was fresh from having spent some months in jail. (I think it was drugs).

That was where she had met Chaplain Jeff Boggs.

He told her all about Jesus.

He prayed with her.

He prayed for her.

But, she was in a fog.

It looked hopeless.

Not one to give up hope, he said that he would keep praying.

When she got out of jail, Discipleship House opened their doors to her.

While living there, Betty Clot and Deena Potts and Pam Phillips and Addie Floyd and Margo Ford and many, many others worked with her.

For months, they told her about Jesus.

They taught her from the Bible.

And, prayed with her.

And, prayed for her.

But, her mind was addled.

She couldn't grasp and hold onto what they were saying.

It looked hopeless.

Not being folks who give up hope, even in the face of hopelessness, they all said that they would keep praying.

Then it was our turn.

While she lived at Discipleship House, our volunteers drove her to many places, for job training and looking for work.

Time and again, while giving those rides, they talked with her.

They prayed with her.

Then, they went home and prayed for her.

But, frankly, confusion still reigned in her mind.

It was sad to see her struggle to comprehend even simple things.

It looked hopeless.

So, our drivers joined the ranks of those who had said, "We will keep praying."

I cannot tell you how many times, over the course of our time with her, I watched good Christian people as they shook their heads, wondering if she could ever rise above the deep fog that

blanketed her tormented mind.

And, in each case, these good Christian people would say,

"We'll keep praying."

That was almost a year ago.

A year's worth of accumulated prayers!

Then, day before yesterday, I heard . . .

"She is in her right mind!"


She is working!"


You wouldn't know her!"

I have GOT TO check this out!

I have GOT TO find her!

I've GOT TO get the details!!

Beloved reader: I will find her and, in one of the upcoming "12 Days of Christmas", I'll let you know what's going on!

Luke 18:1 "Then Jesus told his disciples . . . . . . they should always pray and not give up."


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