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Sane Again Part ll (On the 4th Day of Christmas)

Well, I talked with her today! She is working as a waitress at a local restaurant! And they were right! It IS amazing!!! Listen, folks, her eyes are as clear as crystal! Her smile is lovely and continuous! All the old shame that used to be on her face is GONE! I told her we were writing about her in the "12 Days of Christmas". She said, "Great, if it gives glory to God." She asked someone to cover for her while we talked. In the course of our 10 minute conversation, she NEVER LOST HER TRAIN OF THOUGHT! You just had to have known her last year to know what a MIRACLE that is! She's put on about 20 pounds, and she looks healthier than I could have imagined! I explained that we were all curious to know her story. "What was the turning point? What happened? When did the miraculous change come?" She said, "Well, for months, all the people around me were telling me, "'Give it to God. Let Him help you.'" "I was so confused and I couldn't figure out what they meant. But I wanted to know. So, I kept reading the Scriptures and asking God to help me." "Then one day," (she says it so matter-of-factly that it catches me by surprise), "GOD TOUCHED ME, and my mind cleared, and I UNDERSTOOD what everyone had been saying. " "I also immediately understood that there were a few more things that I was holding onto and that I hadn't 'given' them to God." A smile spreads across her face as she lifts both hands into the air. "So, I just GAVE HIM EVERYTHING!" "And then . . . this JOY got all over me.!" Her eyes become reflective as she continues, "Sometimes those old spirits that used to travel around with me . . . sometimes they'll come back around and try to get me to listen to them." The smile returns, "But, listen-life with Jesus is SO GOOD NOW that I just tell Satan to GET BEHIND ME and I keep on going!" She looks around at the tables at the restaurant. "Well, I better get back to work now." A departing hug . . . "It sure is good to see you." __________________ What a radical transformation! I'm still trying to get my head around it! A year ago all was worry and doubt and confusion- Yesterday, all was peace and joy and clarity! I stand amazed. God has done a mighty thing! And, it strikes me that He did it through an awesome TEAM EFFORT! Part of it He did through the touch of many ministries and many men and women in the Body of Christ! (see "Day 3") They loved her and helped her and taught her and prayed with her. Then, when she "went on her way" they continued to pray! The other part He did privately - just between Him and her! (personal Savior that He is!) He touched her and she will never be the same! ____________________ Beloved, is there someone that you are praying for? Maybe their life is a wreck and it looks hopeless. Don't give up! Let what has happened to this lady renew your faith! Keep praying! God CAN DO ANYTHING. AND HE'S STILL DOING IT, TODAY!

"Jesus said to the paralytic, Get up take your mat and go home." He got up, took his mat, and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone, and they praised God, saying, "We have never seen anything like this." Mark 2:10b-12 (NIV)

"The Blood that gives me strength from day to day . . . It will never lose it's power." Dottie Rambo


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