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Merry Christmas! (On the 7th Day of Christmas)

Please allow us, on this 7th Day of Christmas, to highlight for you some of the Christian Non-Profit Ministries in Maury County. Through the upcoming year they will be working hard in our county to bring Christ and to bring substantive help to MANY who are needy!

We want to give you their contact information, so that you can reach them if you know someone who needs help, or if you want to help one of these ministries.

If you have questions about their ministries, please give them a call. I am sure that they would welcome your questions.


Discipleship House

404 S Main St

Mt Pleasant, TN 38474


Hope Clinic

105 N James Campbell Blvd

Columbia, TN 38401

Sarah Peachey, Director


Maury Chaplain Ministries

1300 Lawson White Rd

Columbia, Tn 38401

David Baker, Chaplain

Place of Hope

105 N James Campbell Blvd

Columbia, Tn 38401

Mike Coupe, Director


Pregnancy Center of Middle Tennessee

704 Dunnington St

Columbia, Tn 38401


Word of Life Ministry

PO Box 681

Columiba, TN 38402-0681

Mamie Gray, Pastor


MauryUNITED / MUMs Transportation

812 N Main St

Mt Pleasant, TN 38474

Randy Nichols, Director



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