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Since 1998, Mums Transportation has been helping needy Maury Countians who are without transportation get where they need to go. We do this with a corps of volunteers who drive their own cars and burn their own gas to help their passengers have a better life. MUMs schedules and dispatches all these rides.

The MUMs Garage was founded in 2012. It is more of a concept than an actual garage facility. We receive donated vehicles and find volunteers to safety check and repair them. Then we give them to our passengers or to other local citizens who have been recommended by Churches or Social Service Organizations, so that they will have their own transport to work, grocery store, doctors' appointments, school, pharmacy, etc.

MUMs Transportation

MUMs gives thousands of rides per year!

  • Over 80% of those rides are job-related, helping local citizens in their fight against personal poverty!

  • Other rides are for medical or social service needs!

MUMs Garage

41 Vehicles given to local citizens

One of the 41 vehicles The MUMs Garage has given to local hard working folks, so far!!

We transported Lara to work and back for over a year! Then, because of the generosity of a local family, we were able to pass this donated van along to her! She immediately used it to add to her income by taking a new job!!

We need your help:

This year, due to the COVID virus, we are unable to have our December Ham Breakfast fundraiser. So, we are making a direct appeal to friends and businesses in the community. Any contribution you make to MUMs is deeply appreciated and it will help keep us rolling into 2021 – Changing lives, one ride at a time!

Thank you and God bless you!

Randy Nichols

Executive Director

Maury United Ministries

EIN: 56-2418235

501(c)(3) - All Contributions are Tax Deductible


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