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A Word for the Weak

Everybody is weak. Not everyone wants to admit it. But, to those who can acknowledge their weaknesses, guess what? God gives a way out!

I would love for us to share a blog together that is focused on finding that way!

Here’s our starting point, Jesus has promised his followers ABUNDANT LIFE!

Are you living in abundance? Are you bubbling over with joy? Have you found unwavering peace? Are you always patient with people and circumstances? Are you known for your faith that all will be well, no matter the circumstances?

Wish you could say “Yes!” to all those questions?

Me, too – but, as of right now, I can only say, “Sometimes.” I can only say, “I’m shooting for it.”

Tell you what I can say though – The Lord has given me an unwavering faith to believe that those things are His goal for me (and you) on the earth. And, I believe that if He says it, then it is do-able, you just have to find the WAY to get it done!

So, how about we go on an adventure together? How about we search out, together, how to get from here to there?

Here’s what I have in mind.

Let’s set aside 52 weeks of dialog, the focus being God’s strength in the presence of our weaknesses, and how we can overlay the one with the other, finally getting to the abundant life that He has promised to those who follow him.

I hope you’ll join me, every week, across the span of this year – We’ll call it TUESDAY’S WORD FOR THE WEAK!!

See you next week!!


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